I wake one morning and thought for a very long time,but i didn’t concentrate on what I was thinking about,cause I had so many things to evaluate in my life.there is one thing made my body shiver because i didn’t know whether i had the courage to face what will be the outcomes of my thinking.(what is life)for instance, life is the wide word in term of real life in different peoples,it will depend on how each and every one will define it,understand it,approach it,live it, and on how he/she try to evaluate his/her own life.for me life is very simple word in terms of spelling but a very complicated word in terms of living,,,for you what do you define, approach, live,and make others make their own decision in their life.for me live the life you want to live,never live the life of others.make your own decision’s which can make you move ahead,consult your friend for an advice but sieve what fit’s your life because every person has the ideas fitting his/her own standard of living.What do i need to live a comfortable life,do I need friends,do I need peace,do I need freedom, do I need GOD,do I need material things, do i need knowledge, everyone has his/her own needs for him self to lead a life he/she needs. finally it’s your own decision to chose and understand the life you want to live.LIVE YOUR LIFE in order to live life.

  • Honest person suffers at the expense of being honest to their bosses,while arrrogant and corrupt person benefit from their boss.so the question is do I have to change the way I am in order to swim on the blessing of our currupt head of department s?